Large water slides (half-tube)

See how fast a small child, a teenager and an adult person will go.

A small child on a stainless-steel water slide

A teenager on a stainless-steel water slide

An adult person on a stainless-steel water slide

A few photos:


Stainless-steel large water slides

  • TOP quality in all details - welded exclusively by TIG (WIG)technology
  • The slide has a "U"-shape in cross-section and is tilted in turns for enhanced safety
  • The surface does not get overheated by the sun, as it is permanently cooled down by water
  • A safety bar is placed over the starting segment
  • Versions for both the private and public sector


  • For natural water sources: stainless steel, Wrst. Nr. 1.4301 / AISI 304 / V2A
  • For salty water and swimming pools chemistry: stainless steel, Wrst. Nr. 1.4404 / AISI 316L / V4A
  • Sheet thickness: 2,0 mm (2,5 mm on demand)
  • Connecting flanges: stainless-steel, thickness 8,00 mm
  • Safety bar: stainless steel pipe, min. Ø 33,7 mm
  • Columns: stainless steel pipe, min. Ø 114 mm
  • Width: 900 mm
  • Models for public use can be certified by TÜV in compliance with EN 1069-1 and 2

Shapes and configurations:  

  • Straight
  • Left or right turn
  • "S" shape
  • Public sector (inclination according to the safety norm)
  • Private sector (inclination according to the client's wish, taking into account safety and the safety norm) - the slide is shorter and thus steeper, quicker and cheaper

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