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Tunnel slides

Fancy a stainless-steel tunnel slide?

Choose one of our existing designs in our catalogue or let us produce a custom slide just for your project.

Explore some of the implemented projects:

How do we do it?


Thanks to the production technology and final surface treatment, our stainless-steel tunnel slides and tube slides have an unlimited lifespan.


  • TOP welding quality exclusively by TIG (WIG) method
  • pickling + passivation + preservation of the entire slide = unlimited lifespan
  • if required, we also offer manual polishing and conservation of the slide

What are the design options ? All …. 

Basic parameters of our stainless-steel Tunnel slides (tube):

  • Material: food grade stainless-steel, grade 1.4301 (AISI 304)
  • Sheet thickness: 2,0 mm (0,078 in) / (2,5 mm / 0,098 in on demand)
  • Connecting flanges: stainless-steel, thickness 8 mm (0,315 in)
  • Construction elements: stainless-steel
  • Fasteners: stainless-steel
  • Inner diameter: 790 mm ( 31,1 in)
  • Windows to bring light in (on deman)
  • Length of the slide depends on the platform height (ideal inclination 34°)
  • Longer slides are divided into segments to facilitate handling and installation
  • TOP quality in all details – welded exclusively by TIG (WIG)technology
  • Certified by TÜV for compliance with EN 1176-1 and EN 1176-3

Entry sections of our stainless-steel Tunnel slides (tube) can by easily fixed to:

  • balcony doors
  • windows
  • railings (e.g. fire staircases)
  • rope elements
  • playground elements
  • children’s houses
  • .. and many more, according to your needs

Ready for a Tunnel slide? 

Let us know details of the slide of your dreams. We will get back to you shortly with an indicative offer.

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