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Evacuation slides

Evacuation slides and fire slides from stainless steel

can be used as an alternative escape route for buildings with a larger number of people, e.g. hospitals, nursing homes, schools, kindergartens, clinics, airports, manufactures or apartment buildings.

  • A stainless-steel evacuation slide is a great alternative to a standard fire staircase.
  • Compared to other means of escape, evacuation slides offer critical advantages: they take you to a safe zone in a simple, quick and playful way.
  • Our evacuation slides are produced in accordance with EN 1176-3 and can be used as a full-fledged playground equipment.

Main benefits of our evacuation slides:


Evacuation tunnel slide, PH 9,5 m
  • Easy installation without structural interventions and changes to the building
  • More cost-effective than a fire staircase
  • Stainless-steel guarantees a very long service life
  • The Tunnel design eliminates need for winter maintenance
  • An evacuation slide will take you over obstacles (trees, fences, paths) with ease, right into the safe zone
  • Easy and quick installation into windows, balcony doors, terraces, stairs etc.
  • The shape may be adjusted to your specific needs: straight, left or right turns, or even a spiral
  • Allows for an easy evacuation of persons with dissabilities and handicaps

There are many possible designs. Economic and aesthetic. Take a look:


A few examples of installations: 

Hradec Králové. A stainless-steel evacuation slide

Stockholm – Bromma, Sweden – A stainless-steel evacuation slide (type Banana) with access from a balcony in the first floor. Installed in offices of an IT company in Stockholm – Bromma, Sweden. The outer surface is powder coated at the customer’s request.

Šternberk, Czech Republic – A stainless-steel evacuation slide (type Tunnel) with access integrated to the balcony wall in kindergarten Nádražní


Oslavany, Czech Republic – A stainless-steel evacuation slide (type Tunnel) with access integrated to the railing in Permonium amusement park in Oslavany, Czech Republic.

Praha – Jarov, Czech Republic – A stainless-steel evacuation slide (type Tunnel) integrated into the interior at the University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic.


Praha – Průhonice, Czech Republic – A stainless-steel evacuation slide (type Tunnel) with access integrated to the balcony railing in kindergarten Průhonice, Czech Republic.

A practical example: 1 minute or 45 minutes?

In Sonneborn, Germany, a praxtical test was performed in a day care centre. In the presence and with assistance of firefighters, a group of 17 children and 3 caregivers were evacuated with a fire ladder in 45 minutes.

Using an evacuation slide, all 17 children and 3 caregivers made it to the safe zone – without help from the firefighters – in just 1 minute!


This result greatly impressed the city mayor, the Building Authority, as well as the firefigthers. 

Our recommendation: efficient and designer windows.


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