Curved - Hill - Embankment slides 

Stainless steel hill slides

Hill / Curve / Embankment slides are always produced as individual site-specific projects. Slides are always modeled according to customer's specific requirements, local conditions, as well as shape and length of the slope. The basic design elements are based on our TREND slides.

Our stainless steel hill slides allow for universal applications and use!

A unique connection of the side protection, the boarding section length, the safety bar and the safe U-shaped cross-section offers the following: 

Wide range of applications:

  • various playground assemblies
  • independent instalation on an embankment
  • instalation on an embankment with a landing
  • on both metal and wooden frames
  • on rope elements

Basic parameters:

  • width 600 mm
  • U-shaped cross section for additional safety
  • Tilted as a bobsled track
  • Length of the slide depends on the shape and length of the slope
  • The slide may be divided into multiple parts, if needed
  • TOP quality in all details - welded exclusively by the TIG method


  • Food grade stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304)
  • Shell: stainless steel, thickness 2 mm
  • Handles: stainless steel, Ø 25 mm or 30 mm
  • Fasteners - stainless steel
  • Connecting flanges - stainless steel , thickness 8 and 10 mm

Recommended age: 3+ 

We deliver the slides:

  • with installation instructions, or
  • with certified installation

We produce and ship the slides directly from our facility. 

The slides' construction complies with EN 1176-1 and EN 1176-3 norms

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