Stainless steel slides Trend

Universal stainless steel slides TREND

Our stainless steel slides TREND allow for universal applications and use!

A unique connection of the side protection, the boarding section length, the safety bar and the safe U-shaped cross-section offers the following:

Wide range of applications:

  • various playground assemblies
  • independent instalation on an embankment
  • instalation on an embankment with a landing
  • on both metal and wooden frames
  • on rope elements

Also as stand-alone element with a frame and:

  • boarding with a tubular ladder
  • an oblique rope boarding
  • rope bridge with connection to another assembly

Variants of the TREND type, "U" shaped cross section, width 600 mm

  • TREND 610: platform height (PH) 1 m, length of the slide (L) 2 m
  • TREND 615: PH 1,5 m, L 3 m
  • TREND 620: PH 2m, L 4 m
  • TREND 625: PH 2,5 m, L 5 m
  • TREND 630: PH 3 m, L 6 m
  • TREND XY: the universal shape of the slide allows for virtually any platform height – we produce a slide according to your needs and wildest wishes

Anchoring options:

Bottom side:

  • To concrete or onto a floor

Upper side:

  • Platform / house / playground element - stailness steel, M12 (embankment/platform)


  • Food grade stainless steel
  • Shell: stainless steel, thickness 2 mm
  • Handles: stainless steel, Ø 25 mm
  • Fasteners - stainless steel

Recommended age: 3+

We deliver the slides:

  • with installation instructions, or
  • with certified installation

We produce and ship the slides directly from our facility.

Certified by TÜV SÜD.

The slides' construction complies with EN 1176-1 and EN 1176-3 norms